Northern Lights in Ontario


Seeing the Northern Lights on the Bruce Peninsula is not just luck. There are three main reasons why the Bruce Peninsula is the best spot in Southern Ontario to see the Aurora Borealis

1. Lack of Light Pollution - We don't got it! The lack of ambient light from buildings & cities lets you see literally millions more stars. Less light around gives you significantly better chances of the northern lights shining through!

2. Half Way Between The Centre of the Earth & The North Pole - The Equator, not Toronto! We're 3 hours north from there That trip brings you right up to the 45th parallel. Santa's Rest Stop! The more north, the better your chances!

3. Incredible Northern Views - The twisting and turning peninsula is filled with thousands of clearings, lakes & lookouts - find a northern view over Lake Huron, traverse to the tip of Tobermory, or avoid clouds by driving to the new opportunities on the east coast over Georgian Bay.

The Bruce Peninsula is an incredible trip. We don't have TVs in our authentic & updated cabins in the woods but we have mother nature's prime time show.

The Northern Lights are vividly on display less than 1% of nights, so you shouldn't expect to see them on your trip to Red Bay Lodge.
The night sky up here is a show in itself, with millions of stars & even galaxies visible to the eye.
With planning & watching space weather your chance of seeing The Northern Lights can go to the moon!

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Where can you see the Northern Lights in Ontario?

The conditions on The Bruce Peninsula offer an incredible opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis. Our location at the 45th parallel offers a northern vantage point graced by the Northern Lights between 5 and 25 times per year.

The entire peninsula offers extreme darkness, with many areas among the darkest within driving distance of Toronto, Ontario.

This allows visible Aurora on more nights than areas with light pollution, giving The Bruce Peninsula one of the best views in Southern Ontario!